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Pumpkin Wreath Door Hanger

September 29, 2022 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Fall, Wreath Tutorials

Looking for an adorable, wispy, fall craft that is simple, fun, and screams all things autumn? Well, look no further. This pumpkin wreath door hanger is soft, sweet, and subtle. It is perfect to be placed on your front door to make your front entryway extra inviting during those cool fall months.

Pumpkin Wreath to Accent Any Door

This craft does not need any ribbon or a big old bow. It is gorgeous without one because of the beauty created by those wispy sprays. They create all the fancy it needs. I love how natural this Pumpkin Wreath Door Hanger is from the hand wrap spray, the fall-colored leaves pick, and of course that cute little white pumpkin. I love it all!

Working with hand-wrapped sprays is always a good choice. The one that comes in this kit is super high quality, and it will allow you to simply tear it for the main stem, without destroying the overall integrity of the pieces. It saves your hands from the pain of overcutting. You will know what I am talking about if you have made as many wreaths as I have over the years. It can get messy, however, so be patient and prepared to clean up your workspace. 

Speaking of making wreaths over the years, let me teach you all of my tips and tricks at Kelea’s Design School. I have taught so many fabulous crafters how to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for their own homes, their Etsy shops, or to sell in their own crafting spaces. There are so many things to learn, and I am excited to teach you. Be sure to check it out, after we craft of course.  


  • Grab your pieces and lay them out on your workspace. Grab a 3×3 floral foam block, and cut it to be about 1.5 inches thick. Attach to the base of your pumpkin wreath using a u-shape floral pin. 
  • Using hot glue on the back of your floral foam, attach it to the pumpkin wreath. Flip over and with your floral u-pins, secure it from the back trying to weave in through the base.
  • Use some Spanish moss to hide those mechanics if you want. Not necessary. To prep all of your sprays, “shake hands” (spread them out) with them so they are nice and full.
  • Once full, trim the pick down into smaller pieces to allow for easy application to your wreath door hanger. Separate your pumpkin so it is on its own. Leave your stems to be about 2 inches long to start. 
  • Your leaves spray will be divided into 2 sections and be the base popping from your foam to create a big background. Create a visual plan before you begin. Grab your hand wrapped filler spray and begin tearing from the main bundle. Sort them out to determine which pieces have a ball or wheat. As you tear, you will see just how much you can get from one spray which makes this kit very cost-effective. 
  • Place your wheat pieces toward the back creating your first layer, working left to the right. Allow it to hang over the edge of the design. Creating a wispy look as you add.
    Interlace grass pieces as well. We don’t want to hide the pumpkin base because it is too cute to cover up. Keep them even, spaced out, and create a great base layer of your design. 
  • Next, grab the 3 pieces of your main pick. Insert the fern section into your foam on the right. Add your white leaves on the left. Mix a white leaf on both sides. To build a wispy feel more in the center, cut your stems a bit shorter to draw the eye in for your next layer.
  • Next work in your next layer adding in those cute ball sections of the pick. The layers will get shorter each time you add to the foam. This will help accentuate your pumpkin right in the center.
  • Remove one of your leaves so that we have one at the top, one at the bottom left, and one at the right. Play with placement as you tuck pieces or pull pieces forward to create an overall pretty aesthetic. 
  • Let’s work on that focal point with the cute white pumpkin. Add it at a slight angle by dipping it in hot glue directly so it is not exactly centered. Use the berry spray to accent it to keep it soft and sweet right in the center.
  • Add little bits of filler wheat here and there where needed. Make any adjustments to complete your sweet, soft, subtle Pumpkin Door Hanger.

Can I use the other side of the wreath so the chicken wire is not on the front?

Why yes, yes you can. This is such a great question. I decided to create my wreath with that chicken wire because quite simply, I like it. But if you prefer to have it more hidden, then that is just fine. It will look fabulous either way you decide to style your wreath. Just have fun while you are doing it. 

Do You Always Add A Hanger To The Wreath?

If you have crafted with me before you know I am all about simplicity and function. And this design did not need a hanger thanks to the openness of the top of the pumpkin wreath. If that were not there, however, you better believe I would add that step of adding a hanger before I started completing any other additions to my project. 

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