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DIY Pink Peony Wreath

February 5, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Spring, Summer, Wreath Tutorials, Wreaths

Spring does not always have to be pastels and bunny rabbits. Try adding some fun pieces to your wreath creations like I did in this pink peony wreath, using a grapevine base. I am loving these cheetah curly stems and how they make this wreath say welcome spring in a whole new fun way!

You can find all the supplies you need listed below of you can grab them from this supply list.

grapevine wreath with pink peonies hanging on a stressed door


  • 18-inch wreath
  • Premade bow
  • Pink Peony Bush
  • Pink Cream Gerber Daisy Bush
  • Green Berry Stem
  • Plastic Eucalyptus Bush Light Green
  • Small Green Fern Bush
  • Frost Rose Leaf Stem
  • Fabric Cheetah Curly Stem
  • Pink Berry Filler Stem
  • Fabric Cheetah Ball Pick
  • Dark Green Dried Spanish Moss


  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Pot
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wreath Stand

How to Make a Pink Peony Wreath

Start by placing a hanger on the back of your grapevine wreath. Using a floral wire and thread the wire through the top of your wreath coming out the back. Making a semi-circle. Now twist it tight. This will make a nice hanger.

Trim down your Frost Rose Leaf Stems and separate them to start placing them in the wreath. My brain works best by starting my placement on the left-hand side. You can always do these on the opposite side of what I do. Just depends on what you like best visually.

Work the greenery by setting out your parameter. Place one stem of greenery on the top left and then one at the bottom right. Dipping each stem in hot glue before placing. Now fill in between those two green pieces you just placed with more greenery with berries. Making the greenery with berries really pop out!

We are going to leave a big open part for your beautiful bow on the bottom left side of the wreath.

Since I love greenery, I am going to place some eucalyptus greenery now. I am just going to place them on top and around the greenery, I have already placed. This will help add some texture to your wreath form.

Now for the big flower addition. Using only 3 of the 7 heads that come on the bush prep them to get ready for placement. I am going to pull the greenery off from the flower head. You can save these pieces to use in another wreath later. That way you don’t have to fight the greenery already placed.

Add your first flower head to the top left side. Dip the stem in hot glue first and then push into your grapevine wreath. Then place the second one a little bit lower. You will find the perfect spot to place it in the greenery already in place on the wreath! Now for the third flower head. Let’s just add it to the greenery placed on the bottom right. Wow! This is looking amazing. Let’s keep creating.

To help your wreath flow a bit more let’s add in the wispy pink flairs. Once you dip the stems in glue place each stem into the greenery and behind the pink flower heads placed. When placing the one by the flower head on the bottom right place it pointing downward but the stem going upward. It will really help add some dimension to your wreath.

Now time to place your bow! Secure it in that empty space you saved for it. Trim the wire down once it is secured and fluff those loops.

Time to really jazz up this spring wreath. Adding in some cheetah ball picks right into the bow. Spread around the stem, dip the pick into the hot glue pan, and stick right into the wreath placing it right by the bow center. You can play now with the placement of each stem on those cheetah ball picks.

Place a Cheetah curly pick right above the left peony flower head. Now place another cheetah curly pick on the right bottom side but have it stick straight out. Place more cheetah curly picks where you feel they are needed

Now to finish up let us add a third type of greenery to this wreath. Adding just a few here or there to fill the empty space to help fill in your simple farmhouse floral arrangment wreath. The greenery I used for this is the small green fern bush. These will depend on the placement of your other pieces in this wreath. Fill in the empty spots with moss and greenery and it will complete this wreath creation!

collage of photos featuring a grapevine wreath with pink peonies, greenery stems, and a large pink bow

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