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Upgrade a Mistletoe Wall Decor Sign to a Designer Piece

December 9, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials

Hey everybody, I’m so excited about this mistletoe wall decor project that’s perfect for the holiday season! It’s a very fun DIY project that will take a Christmas wall sign to a whole new designer level. It is available as a kit that we hope is still available when you check this out.

Christmas door hanger with mistletoes

DIY Mistletoe Wall Decor

You can use this tutorial to customize a wooden wall sign using picks, stems, and additional greenery.

Supply List:

Christmas wooden wall sign with greenery

Mistletoe Door Hanger Wreath kit includes:

  • 1 Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses Sign
  • 1 Mistletoe Bundle
  • 2 Pine and Crabapple Berry Craft Picks
  • 2 Pine Greenery Craft Picks
  • 2 Wired Candy Canes

Tools List:

  1. Grab your wire cutters and snip off the bottom of your greenery craft picks. Take one crabapple berry craft pick and slide it behind a greenery craft pick so the two stems are hidden behind the greenery. Do the same thing with your second set of craft picks.
  2. Bend a piece of pine towards the other side with the greenery to blend the two craft picks together. Do the same thing with one berry cluster and one holly leaf. This helps incorporate the different picks together. Leave a little open section in the middle to add something later. Secure both craft picks together with a cable tie. Trim the ends of the cable tie with your wire cutters.
  3. Now let’s add them to our sign. Place each set of greenery on opposite corners, starting with the top left corner, towards the edge of the sign. Use your hot glue and staple gun if you’d like to add the greenery onto the sign. Hammer in any staples if necessary.
  4. Grab your candy canes and coil them together till it is round like a peppermint candy. Use your wire cutters to poke the end wire into the candy to hold it together. Use your hot glue to place the two candies in the center of your greenery to cover the cable ties and staples, on both corners.
  5. Now let’s add our mistletoe bunch! You can decide if you’d like to place it directly in front of the mistletoe printed on the sign or slightly off to the side. Hammer a nail into the top of where you’d like to place it, and hang your mistletoe bunch on the nail.
Christmas wooden wall sign with greenery

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