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How to Make a Scrap Bow

February 22, 2024 | Bow Tutorials

Got a pile of ribbon scraps lying around? Say no more – we’ve got just the project for you! Give new life to your ribbon scraps with our Scrap Bow tutorial! Learn how to create a fun and colorful bow using leftover ribbon pieces from previous projects. 

How to Make a Scrap Bow

Introducing our Scrap Bow – a fun and creative way to repurpose those shorter pieces of ribbon into something fabulous. Perfect for adding a pop of color and charm to wreaths, swags, and more, this bow is a must-try for anyone looking to get creative with their leftovers. 

Let’s talk simplicity, folks! The beauty of our Scrap Bow project lies in its simplicity and ingenuity. No need to toss those leftover ribbon scraps – we’re here to show you how to turn them into something magical. With just a few twists and ties, you’ll have a bow that’s bursting with color and personality. The best part? It’s so easy that even beginners can master it in no time. 

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This bow is such a fun one for a beginner, too, because it’s simple to put together, but looks like you put so much more work into it. It’ll come together in just a few minutes, but is the perfect addition to your wreath or project! 


  • This bow is going to use up all those ribbon scraps you have laying around. Grab as many different ribbons as you’d like for your bow. I chose 4 different ribbons, but you can choose more than that. You’ll just want them to have a coordinating color palette. 
  • Start by creating your base with a bit longer pieces of ribbon. Mine were about 12” each. I dovetailed each ribbon, and then decided which ribbon I’d like layered on each. 
  • Now create your next layer of ribbons by cutting more ribbons, a little shorter than before. I used about 10-11” ribbon pieces for this layer.
  • Start layering your pieces. Start with your longer ribbon pieces and layer them on each other by criss-crossing them across each other. Add your shorter pieces on top, layering them again by criss-crossing them. 
  • Pinch and gather your bow until you have it entirely in your hand, and loop a cable tie around the center. Tighten it. 
  • Cut a short piece (about 6”) of one of your ribbons, and fold it in thirds. Tie it around the bow to cover the cable tie and create a finished look. 
  • Fluff and arrange your ribbons, and your bow is done!


  • Switch up your ribbons to create some unique looks if you’d like. I think that wire-edged ribbons work best, but you can try a variety of sizes and patterns. This will change how your bow looks and help it match your wreath perfectly! 
  • Make the bow your own! If you’d like more ribbons, add them. You can follow the same steps to create as many ribbon strips as you’d like.
  • If you’d rather use wire than a cable tie, 18 gauge works perfectly for bows.   

What can I use Scrap Bows for?

Scrap Bows are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes! These charming bows are perfect for adorning gifts, adding a touch of personality to gift wrapping and presents. Additionally, they make delightful embellishments for any craft project, like wreaths, floral arrangements, and home décor items, infusing them with color and whimsy. With Scrap Bows, the possibilities are endless – let your creativity soar and explore the many ways you can incorporate these playful accents into your projects!

Can I mix different types of ribbon scraps in one bow?

Absolutely! Mixing different types of ribbon scraps in one bow adds depth and visual interest to your Scrap Bow creations. Feel free to experiment with various colors, patterns, textures, and widths of ribbon scraps to achieve a unique and eclectic look. Combining satin, grosgrain, lace, and other types of ribbon adds dimension and character to your bows, making them stand out even more. Embrace the creative freedom and let your imagination run wild as you mix and match your ribbon scraps to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind Scrap Bows!

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