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Honeycomb Door Hanger

June 1, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Our Favorite Designs, Summer

Join me as we buzz with excitement and create our own little beehive décor that would look fabulous on any front door! With this honeycomb door hanger project, you can have a precious creation in less than 30 minutes! Let’s get started making this simple project as I help you get out of your comfort zone and make something fun today!

Honeycomb Door Hanger

I just love a simple and easy project. When you have a premade base the options are endless with how your creation will turn out. Premade base forms also really help make your project simple but look amazing! This honeycomb door hanger took me less than 30 minutes and very few steps to complete the look. In this video tutorial, I will show you how adding a little floral foam block can turn your hanger into a 3-dimensional door hanger that allows it to really stand out on your door.

honeycomb door hanger with bee attachment and flowers

Not only do I teach you how to add some dimension to your door hanger but we will work together in adding things like picks and greenery. When adding some fun picks to you are helping add some fun characteristics of a bumblebee to the honeycomb base. You too can create this look but just remember that you do not want to hot glue anything directly to the burlap as this would cause it to melt. Be sure when placing your foam block you are gluing it to the wreath form, not to the burlap.

The best part about this project is you get to design and use your own design skills. There is no right or wrong way to design this honeycomb bee door hanger. If you are looking to learn more about designing wreaths I would love to have you in my design school where I share tricks and tips on how to create like a professional floral designer.


  • Start by placing a hanger on the back of your base by adding a wire to it. Just turn your base over and attach it to the back of your base.
  • Next, add a block of floral foam by dipping it in the hot glue pan and placing it on the side of your center circle wreath.
  • Attach honeycomb stems by dipping in hot glue and pushing into the sides of your foam block
  • Now add your glittery picks by cutting it on the stem and push each piece into the ends of the foam block. 
  • Attach your bee foam board to the top of your foam block. You can decide which way the bee is flying!
  • Add yellow berries and butterfly greenery to add around your foam block as a filler. Just add them around your foam floral block to hide it.

Pin the image below to save the tutorial for later or share with your Pinterest followers!

honeycomb door hanger with bee attachment and flowers

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