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Honeybee Grapevine Wreath

June 26, 2020 | Wreath Tutorials

This spring wreath will totally bring much needed bright color to your front door and help you welcome the new season!  With warm weather and blooms just around the corner this Honeybee Grapevine Wreath will be the perfect wreath to make yourself and hang on your front door!

grapevine being decorated with faux flowers

Tools Needed to Make Honeybee Grapevine Wreath

Supplies Needed for Honeybee Grapevine Wreath

collage of images showing a grapevine wreath being decorated

Step by Step: How to Make Honeybee Grapevine Wreath

  1. Thread 14 inch gauge wire through the top of your wreath and make a loop at the top to make a hanger. 
  2. Thread the wire back through the wreath and anchor it in the back by twisting to secure it and cut off excess wire.
  3. Now we are going to add in the greenery pieces to the wreath. Start at the top left side and work your way around your grapevine wreath adding greenery all the way around the wreath from top to bottom. 
  4. Make sure you arrange your pieces to stick out in different directions.  Be sure to dip the stems of your greenery in hot glue before placing in your Honeybee Grapevine Wreath. 
  5. Next take your yellow day blooms bush and make separate pieces out of that. These pieces will help add height to your wreath. Take your separate pieces and place one at the top left sticking upright.
  6. Now place some of these yellow stemmed flowers on the bottom placing in the bottom left side but this time you will place them upside down. Causing the flowers to be pointing away from the wreath. 

Adding Picks and Curled Stems

  1. Place the honeybee stem in the top left and allow it to stick up pretty high. Once you have it hot glued it in place be sure to give it a little tug towards you to give it more of a natural look. 
  2. Place 1 of your black and white curled stem in the top middle closer to the bee but not right beside it. 
  3. Be sure it is pointing to the right before securing it in your grapevine wreath.
  4. Now place the second curled stem  just under your bee vertically. 
  5. The third one you can add it right to the bottom right side sliding the stem horizontally.


Wire your bow to the middle bottom left and be sure to take time to fluff your bow!

There you have it! A new wreath that will bring much joy and color to your front door. This wreath is so simple that in 45 minutes or less you can have a fun spring or even summer wreath to hang on your front door! 


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