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Funky Black Cat Wreath

July 17, 2020 | Wreath Tutorials

Who’s ready for October? I know I am more than excited in my home! We love decorating and Halloween is a favorite of mine. So, gather your friends together and make it fun girl’s night making a Funky Black Cat Wreath. 

You will see it is easy to make and the perfect wreath to display in your home during the whole month of October. 

grapevine wreath with a stuffed black cat attachment

Tools Needed to Make a Funky  Black Cat Wreath

  • Hot Glue
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors

Supplies Needed to make a Funky Black Cat Wreath

How to Make a Funky Black Cat Wreath

  1. Start by threading some floral wire into the top of your wreath to make a hanger. 
  2. Grab some fern greenery pieces and use your wire cutters and cut some individual pieces to place into your wreath starting at the top left working your way around the wreath.
  3. Be sure to dip the ends into your hot glue before placing them in the wreath. You will continue adding the fern greenery pieces till you have completely added them all the way around your grapevine wreath. 
  4. You will now place the long brown bush pieces and cut them into individual pieces. Now you will work your way around the wreath with these pieces sticking them into between all the green fern pieces. This will help add more height to the wreath so do not stick them too far down into your wreath form. 
  5. Now go back and add more green fern pieces to your wreath if you see any big empty holes that need filling. 
  6. Take your felt black cat and punch a hole in the back of the cat so you can thread a zip tie through the back but you can’t see it from the front. You will need to do this by the head and the tail of the cat.
  7. Go ahead and place your cat at the top left side of the wreath. You will want to slant it a bit so you can zip tie the two ties to the wreath to secure your cat to the wreath.
  8. Look for any zip ties that are showing once you pull them tight and cut the excess with your wire cutters. 
  9. Add a few more greenery pieces starting  behind your felt cat and like the other greenery pieces work your way all the way around the wreath 
  10. Now place your pre-made Halloween Bow to the bottom right corner. Fluff your bow and roll the ends of your bow strands up to help them have some poof. 
  11. Add some yellow floral pieces to the top placing it behind your orange pieces
  12. Using pumpkin with oak leaves bush separate the bush into individual stems and dip the ends in your hot glue and start placing them around the top left of your wreath. You will keep adding these pieces sporadically around the wreath allowing them to stick out further than the greenery you previously added. 
  13. Finally add the most fun piece about this wreath, which is the Glitter Eyeball Pick! Separate each eyeball by cutting them with wire cutters.
  14. Place a single eyeball in different places in the wreath, even place some behind your bow and black cat.  
  15. Adding in Orange Berry Pick is the perfect last addition to be placed in your Funky Black Cat Wreath. Using your own creativity place a few around the top right of the wreath. 
collage of a grapevine wreath decorated for halloween

There you have a new funky Halloween Wreath to hang on your front door this October!


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