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Fall Floral Basket Door Hanger

June 19, 2020 | Floral Designs Tutorials

This fall floral basket door hanger is beautiful for your front door! It can also be hung on any wall in your home to add to your fall decor. Ready to kick off autumn and make your own Fall Floral Basket Door hanger? I am sharing with you just how simple it is to make in little to no time!

floral basket being decorated with flowers

Tools Needed

Supplies Needed for Fall Floral Basket Door Hanger

Step-By-Step: How to Make a Fall Floral Basket Door Hanger

  1. Start by placing the floral foam block inside the center, backside of the basket. Trim down block as needed for best fitting.  
  2. Next, press a generous amount of deco moss inside the front of the basket, between the foam block and basket rim.This will help camouflage the foam block.
  3. Using wire cutters, cut apart the garland into flower bundles. Now it is time to start arranging your bundles of flowers and garland.
  4. Choose a bundle of flowers, dip or cover the flower stem with hot glue or liquid adhesive. Place the first bundle of flowers in the center of your foam block. You want your first bundle of flowers to be taller than the basket handle, hiding the handle. 
  5. Continue with trimming flower stems as needed and arranging the bundle of flowers on each side of the block toward the basket handle.  (One bundle on the right side, one bundle on the left side)
  6. Once you have three bundles of flowers arranged on the block, it is time for your large summer sunflower.  Place your large sunflower in the center front of the foam block.  This will appear to be in the center of your basket.  
  7. Now use remaining frills and greenery by trimming stems and dipping into hot glue first and sticking stems into foam, alternating from right to left. 
  8. As you add flowers, open and pull them apart, taking up space. This will help you cover your basket handle by the end of your creation.  
  9. Fill the foam block with the remaining garland, flower bundles, frills and greenery to help fill empty space that way when you look at the basket from any angle you do not see empty space!

Once complete, find the perfect spot to hang in your home or front door so you can enjoy and admire your creation all season long.  


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