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Easy Make Your Own Elf Wreath Kit

September 18, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Wreath Tutorials

Let me help you bring your craft projects to life this Christmas season with an adorable elf wreath. I love making character wreaths and this one is for sure a favorite of mine to make. In less than 30 minutes you too can make a cute whimsical elf wreath that can be the highlight of your home Christmas decor this year.

How to Make an Elf Wreath

Just gather your supplies and let’s get started! This will be a fun and easy project to make your front door pop with reds and bright greens. Perfect for the holidays!

Supplies Needed to Make an Elf Wreath

Tools Needed

stuffed elf attached to a berry wreath
  • Start first by making your Blastoff Bow (see below)
  • Grab your wreath and fluff it. Spread out your wreath and get those berry stems moving. Give it the dimension it has. No need to keep it flat. You have to spread it out.
  • If you see any white spots you can take a black sharpie and fill in those white spots.
  • Now take your Elf body pieces nad lay on your wreath and move around till you like the look of your placements. Also, put the bow in the middle to make sure you love where you put everything.
  • Take your scissors and cut a little bitty hole in your elf head. Now use a long cable tie and slide it in the first hole and thread it through the other. Now, this is where you will attach the elf head to the wreath.
  • You can now cut a few berry stems off your wreath base to give you more room to set your elf head in. Put them to the side and you can use them later to add some dimension.
  • After you have thinned out your wreath where your head is going and place your head. Before attaching do the same for the legs.
  • Take out some bottom berry stems at the bottom of your wreath to thin out before attaching the body of the elf.
  • Let’s attach the head now just by threading the cable tie through the wreath form and then sinch that cable tie tight. Cut the remaining cable tie down do you do not see it.
  • Let’s now attach the legs next. Pay attention to your berries and make sure they look fine.
  • Take a cable tie and sinch the legs to the wreath by threading it through the grapevine wreath and securing it by the crotch of the legs.
  • Take one more cable tie and thread it again through the middle of the elf legs and the wreath. This is where you will attach the bow to.
  • Now take your Blastoff bow and thread it through the attachment point you just made. Tighten it to the cable tie.
  • Take some time to move the bow around, fluff it and curl your tails.
  • To add your berry stems back in you will need a glue gun. You can add some berry stems in the bow to add more color and dimension.

How to Make a Blastoff Bow for your Elf Wreath

  • You will want your tails of the bow to be long enough to dangle by the elf legs. Let’s make the tail 20 inches and come to the center and twist. Pull your loop to 7-inch loops for your bow. You will repeat this step of pulling out 7 inches and twist to make three loops on each side
  • As you twist make sure you fluff as you go.
  • Bring your tails together and make sure you have the same length. Cut your tails to angle towards each other.
  • Now time to add in your coordinating ribbon.
  • Measure out your tail about an inchshorter and twist when you get to the center.
  • Make your first loop at 6 inches and twist it hard and then repeat to have 2 loops on each side.
  • Remember to fluff as you go.
  • Now the next ribbon you can choose. You will measure your tail a bit shorter than the last two you made.
  • This time you are only making one loop on each side. Measure the loop to 5 inches bring it to the center and twist and make your last loop.
  • Take your cable tie and secure the center of the bow. Do not pull the tie all the way tight until you have fluffed and positioned your loops to where you think to look the best.
  • Now slide an 11inch cable tie in the back. This is how you will attach it to the wreath later on.
  • Take a little piece of ribbon of your choice and trim a little piece off and you can take this piece of ribbon and cover the ties you just secured your bow with.

There you have it in just 30 minutes or less a new Elf Wreath to bring some fun and color to your holiday decor!


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