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DIY Your Own Corn Husk Rustic Pumpkin Wreath

August 29, 2023 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Fall, Wreath Tutorials, Wreaths

When those leaves start turning, and the air gets that crisp edge, you know it’s time to cozy up and embrace the season. And what better way to do that than by getting crafty with a Corn Husk Rustic Pumpkin Wreath? This down-to-earth wreath brings all the rustic charm and warmth of autumn right to your doorstep. 

Corn Husk Rustic Pumpkin Wreath

There’s something magical about the sight of corn husks twisted into chubby little pumpkins. It’s like fall’s warm embrace in wreath form, saying, “Come on in!” The Corn Husk Rustic Pumpkin Wreath is like a tribute to the harvest season, with its earthy colors and cozy textures. The decoration makes you want to curl up with a pumpkin spice latte and a good book.

When you hang up your Corn Husk Rustic Pumpkin Wreath, it’s like sending a warm invitation to fall. It’s a way of saying, “We’re ready for you!” It’s more than just a decoration; it’s a heartfelt welcome to all the cozy goodness, the pumpkin everything, and the crisp, leaf-crunching fun that autumn brings.

This wreath isn’t just a one-season wonder; it’s a crafty tradition in the making. If you store it right, you’ll bring out the same wreath, year after year, to celebrate the season. It’s like a time machine of fall vibes, and it’s ready to make your home feel snug and inviting for autumn to come. 

pin image with image of completed wreath and a title that says "Corn Husk Rustic Pumpkin Wreath"

What’s remarkable about making your own Corn Husk Rustic Pumpkin Wreath is that you can put your personal stamp on it. Fancy a wreath that’s all one color with nature tones? Go for it! Feel like mixing it up with various sizes of pumpkins and shades of greenery? Absolutely! You can even jazz it up with a burlap bow, cinnamon sticks, or dried flowers. It’s all about your style and what screams ‘fall’ to you.


  • Begin by creating your bow. Measure your tail. I went with about 8” tails. 
  • Pleat your ribbon up and place it between the rods on your bow maker. Add a twist to your ribbon so the back of your ribbon is facing up. 
  • Create your first loop by looping your ribbon and then placing it back into your center rods. I went with large 7” loops. Scrunch it down and twist. 
  • Create two more loops on each side by following the same steps as your first loop. 
  • Measure and cut your second tail to match your first. 
  • Add your second ribbon to your bow maker and follow similar steps for your second ribbon. Measure your first tail. I went with a little shorter tail, about 6-7”. You can adjust these measurements to make your bow look as you’d like. 
  • Create four loops (two on each side of the center pegs) the same way as before, a little smaller this time to sit on top of the others. I went with 5.5” or 6’” loops. 
  • Measure and cut your second tail. 
  • Add your third ribbon to your bow maker and follow the same steps with 1 loop on either side of your center pegs. 
  • Thread your cable tie behind all your ribbon, then carefully remove the ribbon from the bow maker. Tighten your cable tie, rotate it to the back of the bow, then tighten it all the way. 
  • Begin placing your Orange Pumpkin Berry Pick around your wreath. I placed 3 on each quadrant of the wreath, then added the bow to the 4th. 
  • Place an Orange Fern and Heather Spray behind each pumpkin pick, following the direction of the wreath clockwise around the wreath base. 
  • Attach small pieces of your sprays and picks around the bow, fluff as needed, and complete your wreath! 

When you are ready to expand your floral knowledge, come join us in Kelea’s Design School, we’d love to see you bloom.


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