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DIY Velvet Bow to Uplevel Floral Designs

February 10, 2021 | Bow Tutorials, DIY Seasonal Decor, Valentine's

I’m about to show you how to make a lush romantic velvet bow to go with some of your favorite Valentine’s floral designs. You can pick your favorite 2.5″ and 1.5″ velvet wired ribbon to create this beautiful bow.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post that goes out this week, we’ll be using this bow to make a romantic floral swag.

pink velvet layered bow

DIY Velvet Bow Tutorial

In this tutorial we’re focusing in on a gorgeous velvet bow made with a double sided 2.5″ velvet and gold wired ribbon and 1.5″ rose gold mesh wired ribbon. You can mix and match your ribbons however you’d like to fit any occasion.

When you work with a velvet silky type material, or you working with satin, it slides a little, you just have to have a little more patience, you can still make a gorgeous bow with it. And I wouldn’t skip using it because of the textures that are so beautiful. And you just don’t want to miss out on playing with different materials in your projects.

Supplies & Tools

How to Make a Velvet Bow

  1. Stretch out your 2.5″ velvet wired ribbon. This will be your tail we’re creating. 20″ is a great start, you can go longer if you have a swag or something like that, but I’m going to start with a 20″ tail.
  2. Cut your tail at an angle.
  3. Hold your ribbon at the 20″ mark so you know where the center of your bow will be and insert it into the EZ Bow Maker, ensuring that the velvet side is facing outward.
  4. You’ll create a 6.5″ loop, making two loops on each side.
  5. Fluff out your bow and loops.
  6. Finish off with another 20″ tail, cut at an angle.
  7. Next incorporate the 1.5″ ribbon using the same process, making (3) 6″ loops on each side.
  8. Fluff it out so the velvet ribbons are in between the 1.5″ loops.
  9. Come back in with your velvet 2.5″ ribbon adding another layer, this time only creating (1) 5.5″ loop on each side.
  10. Secure your bow with a zip tie.
  11. Take small section of your 1.5″ ribbon to tie off and cover the zip tie.
  12. Curl your ribbon tails in and you’re done!
woman holding a velvet bow made on a bow maker

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