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DIY Tropical Paradise Wreath

June 22, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials, Summer, Wreath Tutorials

What reminds you of summer? When you ask yourself that question are there certain sights, sounds, and smells that can take you back to your favorite childhood memory, wishing you were reliving those slow, summer days? I know this simple, bright, tropical paradise wreath screams all things summer to me, and I just love it. I know you will too! 

Tropical Paradise Wreath

l just love summertime! For me is a time to slow down and enjoy my family as well as enjoy the sunshine!  The use of beautiful bright orange and yellow flowers and lush greenery help create this beautiful tropical paradise wreath in less than an hour. This wreath really makes me think of those beautiful sun rays on hot summer days.

Work alongside me in this tutorial. Grab your supplies and let’s get started on this simple project without any worries! As you watch this tutorial and see all these bright flowers I know you will be thinking of those hot summer days you had as a child. You may be wishing you were back catching fireflies or working in the garden with your mom!

grapevine wreath with hibiscus and ginger

I know some of you are thinking there is NO way I can create that! If you think you can’t create something like this, you are wrong. If you ever find yourself thinking this while making a wreath do not get discouraged turn to one of my tutorials. I just love sharing with you how to create beautiful creations step by step. I promise it is bound to whisk you back to your childhood days. The days of running through the wildflowers filled with unforgettable sights and smells. When you hang this beautiful tropical paradise wreath on your front door I hope that it brings you sweet summer thoughts!


  • Grab your fern, wire cutters, and add some longer pieces to your grapevine using hot glue to secure. 
  • Add some moss to cover your hot glue as you insert pieces.
  • Grab your yellow florals, and spread it out to make it big and beautiful. Trim pieces to add throughout the perimeter.
  • Add your yellow foxtail in clusters, working into your grapevine.
  • Grab 2 orange protea flowers to pop with your yellow base. Add in a cluster up top and down on base. 
  • Add your yellow double hibiscus, remove your greenery from those stems if you don’t like them. 
  • From our greenery subscription box, add some of the light green bush, using hot glue to secure to grapevine. Fill in behind and around your florals.
  • The summer inspiration for this whole wreath, the tiny orange daisy flowers are next to add. Trim from the main bundle and add clusters peeking in and out of other florals already added.
  • Filling in as you go, add more ferns and yellow foxtails where needed.
  • Adding little yellow floral twigs, pulling towards the center of your wreath.
  • Make your orange, green, and yellow bow, by using the 2-2-1 recipe securing it with a zip tie and fluffing the loops once done. Add some green ribbon down the center.
  • Attach bow on the right side of your wreath using floral wire and tuck floral goodies around it to tie it all together. Move tails to back by pulling flowers forward. 
  • To complete, add ferns, eucalyptus seed bushes, and yellow twigs popping out from the bow beautifying and filling in any gaps.

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