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DIY Green Butterfly Door Hanger

February 3, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials, Spring, Summer

Some of you may remember this green butterfly door hanger that we did last summer. The kits are no longer available, but you could use the tutorial for other door hanger designs.

butterfly frame with lime green gingham patter with floral stems

DIY Butterfly Door Hanger

It’s butterfly time you guys, we’ve had such success with all of our butterflies that we’ve been doing. We said, let’s do another one. You can find more butterfly designs on our main Facebook page.

You won’t need too many tools to complete this diy home decor project. What makes this design even better? You can use it for both spring and summer decor!

Tools needed:

Supplies needed:

How to Make a Butterfly Door Hanger

First, we envision him hanging upright with its antenna pointing upward.

We’re going to take the piece of foam and just pre-measure. Then wedge it into one of the butterfly wings, securing with hot glue.

Now take a couple floral pins and dip them in the glue. Push that in from the side, that’s going to hold tightly between the grapevine and the foam. Repeat on the opposite side of the foam block.

Use your wire cutters to trim individual stems of the green hydrangea near the main stem. In the video, we cut that into three sections.

Fluff out your floral stems to create a sense of motion.

Dip your floral pins into the hot glue and pin those hydrangea stems into the foam block, pointing in opposite directions.

Start your bow with a 14-18″ tail. Create a 3 nice size loops, about 6″ long. Secure with a cable tie.

Add the bow at the center of the floral design using a floral pin. Trim the excess cable tie. Curl in your ribbon tails and fluff out your bow.

Use your additional stems and cream filler flowers to fill out your design. Dip each stem into the hot glue and insert them into the foam block.

butterfly frame with lime green gingham patter with floral stems

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