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DIY Cross Wall Hanger

June 15, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Easter, Our Favorite Designs, Popular

Designing, and creating are words that should not cause you uneasiness when it comes to crafting. But for so many, sadly those 2 words do just that, especially when it comes to crafting. In this video tutorial, you will see just how simple it is to design and create the perfect, elegant, eye-catching cross wall hanger for your home, your shop, or as the perfect gift this Easter season. It will be sure to bring a feeling of peace and inspire you to have fun with flowers.

DIY Cross Wall Hanger

In this how to video, I am showing you just how simple it is to create a statement piece for your Easter decor with a simple bow, a few greenery bushes, and beautiful florals. You will love how easy it is to make this cross wall hanger that you can hang on your own front door this Easter season.

I was inspired by the color purple for this project and ran with it. It helped influence my selection of ribbons for my bow and choice of delphinium bushes, purple flowers, and berry stems. Purple throughout this simple project creates a pop of color while maintaining the beauty of the moss covered cross hanger.

collage of photos of a moss cross wall hanger with floral stems and greenery being added

As you watch this tutorial, I hope you feel inspired to try new things in the crafting world. I hope it gets your designer and creative juices flowing, and frees you from any doubt you might have felt before even trying. You are capable and craftier than you think. I am so glad you were here. I hope you will join me in Kelea’s Design school where I teach you the techniques and tips needed to learn how to create like a professional floral designer.”



  • Attach a foam block in center of cross moss base with hot glue and flip it over to pin it in really well
  • Soften your foam block with a bit of added moss – pin it around the edge
  • Make the bow, securing it with a cable tie and attaching a floral pin with hot glue on the back. Attach the bow by sticking the floral pin into the foam center.
  • Add mini fern fishtail bushes at 2 diagonal corners of your openings on cross facing out and an angle. Build your base with greenery.
  • Begin to add your purple berry mixed bushes on top of your greenery just placed. 
  • Layering next on top, add your purple flower and berry stem. 
  • Spread and fan the florals and greenery to enhance the beauty.
  • Add throughout your foam base filling here and there.
  • Curl your ribbon tails and pull some ribbons to the back to help the cross stand out.
  • Add more greenery, moss, delphinium to build dimension and be sure to fill in gaps.
  • To complete, add just a little berry to the center of your bow.

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