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DIY Christmas Gnome Wreath

November 27, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Wreath Tutorials

Gnomes are so fun to craft with. I love just how cute they are and how they make the cutest wreaths when you use them in a design. This DIY Christmas Gnome Wreath will be the prefect addition to your Christmas décor this year.

DIY Christmas Gnome Wreath

grapevine wreath with gnome, poinsettias

Supply List:

Tools List:

DIY Christmas Gnome Wreath Instructions

Create a Wreath Hanger

Take your wire and secure it on the back of your wreath, make a loop and twist the other end in there for your wreath hanger.

Securing the Gnome to the Wreath

Grab your Christmas gnome and extend the hat straight up.

Take some floral pins and hot glue them in the back of the gnome’s hat towards the bottom. This will create a hanger for the gnome wreath. Insert a cable tie in the pins. Do the same with the floral pins and cable tie towards the bottom of the gnome’s face on the backside.

gnome on a wreath

Use the cable ties to secure your gnome on the top and bottom of the wreath just slightly off center to the left. Go ahead and tie them in and trim the excess with your wire cutters.

Using Your Garland as Filler

Grab your garland and fluff the branches a bit. Use your wire cutters to separate your garland into 4 or 5 pieces, some a bit smaller than others. Take a smaller piece of your garland and dip it into your glue pot. Place it on the top of the wreath.

attaching pine stems from a garland into a wreath

Repeat with the rest of the garland and place around the outside of your grapevine wreath. Leave some space in between for room to add some more greenery. You want to round out your shape and spread the leaves out as you go. If you need to cover any hot glue, snip off a little piece of garland and cover it right up.

Adding Decorative Elements

Now your base is built out with the garland so you can grab the beautiful pine spray with pinecones. Use your wire cutters to separate your craft spray into four pieces. Dip the ends in the glue pot and start placing it on top in between the garland and Gnome hat.

Take a few more pieces of the pine craft spray and hot glue it in between the garland throughout the wreath.

Now you’re ready for your poinsettia bush. Use your wire cutters to separate the stems from the bush.  Go ahead and pull or clip the leaves off. Keep them in case you need to cover some glue later!

wreath in process

With your hands you can bend the stem to give the flower some movement. Use the hot glue and place the first poinsettia on the top in the middle of your pine spray. Place a second poinsettia flower to the left of the gnome hat in the greenery. Repeat the same steps and add a third flower to the right of the Gnome’s beard.

Grab your buffalo check ball craft picks and fluff it out a bit. With your wire cutters, break each pick into a few places so you have 2 pieces from each craft pick. Take your piece that has 4 buffalo check balls and dip the end in your hot glue. Place it on the right of your wreath above the greenery.

Take another buffalo check ball pick and hot glue it into the top of the wreath. Place another buffalo check ball pick to the left of the gnome, and one more to the left of the gnome, so the balls extend under his beard.

Now it’s time to make a bow!

Grab your EZ Bow Maker and your buffalo check wired ribbon. Start by making your tail 20 inches long. Make a 7 inch loop on the right, twist in the middle, and a 7 inch loop on the left. Repeat again with 7 inch loops on both sides. Snip your 20 inch tail at an angle.

Let’s do one more in the center, starting again with a tail slightly shorter than the first, but this time using 6 inch loops on the left and right. Trim your tail at an angle then cut a 12 inch strip of ribbon to cover the middle of your bow. Use your fingers to secure the middle when you take your bow of the bow maker. Use a cable tie around the center, and add an additional cable tie through the back to use as your hanger. Now cinch your cable tie tight.

Use your 12 inch strip of ribbon, fold it in half, and place it around the center and tie it in the back to cover up your cable tie. Use your wire cutters to remove a pine cone on the left of your gnome. This is where your bow will go. Fluff your bow loops out and use your cable tie hanger to place in your wreath. Trim the cable tie with your wire cutters, and curl the bow ends with your fingers. Adjust your bow if you need so the pine shoots out the center of the bottom.

close up of a gnome wreath

The Final Touches for Your Gnome Wreath

Now it’s time to add some glitter! Grab your red glitter craft sprays and clip them each into a few pieces with your wire cutters. Dip the end in glue and add it to the top between your poinsettias.

Place another to the right of the top poinsettia, and one to the left of the gnome’s hat.

Take another glitter piece and add above your bottom poinsettia, and one more underneath your bow making sure to use your hot glue to secure them in there.

Place your last glitter piece to the left of your bow with the hot glue.

Next, use your wire cutters to separate your flocked cedar craft sprays into a few pieces each. Dip a piece in hot glue and add to the top center of the wreath. Place a second flocked cedar behind the top left poinsettia.

Add another flocked cedar piece just to the right of the gnome, and one more underneath the bow.

Place your last flocked cedar piece on the bottom of the wreath into the greenery with hot glue.

Now you have made yourself a fun new Christmas Gnome Wreath!

gnome wreath with red and black ribbon

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