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Cupid Valentine Wreath

January 20, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials, Valentine's, Wreath Tutorials, Wreaths

This cupid wreath can really get you excited and in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Using three different types of greenery, a super cute red cupid wood cut out, and some red roses you’ll love the look of this romantic wispy cupid Valentine wreath!

collage of a cupid wreath

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How to Make a Cupid Valentine Wreath

  1. First you need to take your cupid wood cut out and see where you would like to place your wooden cupid with heart. Staple in a cable tie right at the neck portion of the cut out. You will now put a little bit of glue behind your cable tie that you threaded behind the staples to help hold it in place so it does not wiggle that much.  
  2. Now you are going to do this same thing on the back of the heart for an additional anchor point. Place two staples and thread your cable tie through the staples. Then place glue behind the cable tie to help secure it.
  3. Now lay your wreath flat and put your cupid cut out onto the wreath and using your cable ties secure your cupid to your wreath form.
  4. Now we will use a piece of wire to secure the ankle to the wreath. You would not staple at this piece because it is too fragile and little to put staples there.
  5. Take your green rose leaf stem and cut it into different pieces first. Now start placing a piece at the top left side and work your way down the left side of your wreath. These will be nice and tall sticking out of the wreath.
  6. With the wispy greenery take a piece and place it on top of the pieces you just set into place. Remember to dip your ends into the hot glue pot so you can secure your piece into the grapevine wreath form.
  7. Now start placing your wispy greenery on the top right side of your wreath form and this will help make your wreath look a little soft.
  8. Grab those roses and cluster three together. Place the first three to the left of the cupid’s wing. Then take the next cluster of 3 and place right above that heart on the right side.
  9. Place a cluster of 3 roses down by the left ankle
  10. Now place some soft greenery pieces around the roses you just placed in.
  11. Grab that bow you already premade place on this Cupid Valentine Wreath.
  12. Secure the bow with a cable tie right around the rump of the cupid board cut out. Use wire cutters to cut off the excess wire that is left after you secure it tightly.
  13. Then take time to fluff your bow and then curl your bow tails up to give it a little depth to your bow.
  14. Using some white flowers start placing them around the wreath. This will help bring out the white in the bow. I started by placing these behind the rose clusters and behind the bow as well.
  15. To fill in a little bit of the holes in the wreath I am going to use some fishtail fern. Separate the twigs and start placing them in all the big gaps you see. You can place some pointing up and some even pointing downward when placing at the bottom of the wreath.  
  16. With your asparagus fern place some behind the middle of your bow and fluff the greenery already placed. As always don’t forget to dip in your hot glue pot before placing it into your wreath.
  17. With your twig stems start by cutting them down and separating them into separate pieces. With one stem dip it in your hot glue pot and place facing downward under your bow.
  18. Now place an additional twig sticking out of the bow pointing upward. Now with your third twig place it on the left top and pull it a little behind the cupid’s head. I think you will like that as much as I did.

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cupid wreath on wooden background

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