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Create a Candy Cane Tree Topper or Door Hanger

November 13, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor

Let’s get started and get pepperminty! This is the perfect project for those candy cane loving crafters! These candy cane tree toppers I make can really be used as door hangers as well! This can be found as a kit on my website or just gather your own supplies and you are ready to get crafting!

candy cane tree topper

Supplies Needed:

Tools Needed:

How to Create A Candy Cane Tree Topper or Door Hanger

  1. Start with your candy cane pick and find the best side to make as your front side you will be adding all the fun pieces too. Check for glue and odd places when choosing the best side.
  2. Grab your ribbon and cut a strand off and you are going to use this for your hanger to hang on your door or at the top of your tree.
  3. Make a loop and just pin it down on each end with your floral pins. You can glue these down as well.
  4. Now that you have your hanger on flip your candy cane pick back over and let’s get started!
  5. Lay your whimsical stem and run it through the hanger that way your hanger stays behind that whimsical pick.
  6. Now take some time and spread out that whimsical pick. We will cable tie this down to hold it tight.
  7. Now with your sparkly piece and your lollipop pick bundle them together and lay them on the top of your candy cane swirl pick and using your floral pins just pin that lollipop piece right square in the center. This will help it hold its position. Think of it like tacking it down.
  8. Now with the sparkly piece just slide it right under the lollipop and spread out those pieces.
  9. Trim down the stem of the lollipop stick just to give you more room to place your bow.
  10. Trim anything else you see that is sticking out. Even flip it over and see if you have any white wire sticking out.
  11. Now with a little bit of glue put a little dot on your lollipop and secure it onto the peppermint circle piece.
  12. Using a cable tie sinch your pieces all together near the top of your pick stems. Trim down the excess cable tie pieces
  13. Once you make your bow attach it right under your big peppermint stem.
  14. Lastly curl your tails up to add some fun bounce to your candy cane door hanger
candy cane tree topper

How to Tie your Bow

  • Using your EZ Bowmaker measure out your tails and make them about as long as your candy stick. That will be your measurement depending on the piece you are using.
  • Now make your loops 6inches and twist at the center and repeat on the other side.
  • Repeat this for 3 loops on each side. Then spread out your loops and scrunch it down.
  • Now take your tails and trim them at opposite angles.
  • Finishing up with doing the same pattern above repeat the steps above by measure your loops at 5 inches.
  • Now using an 8-inch cable tie secure the middle of your bow and holding your bow go ahead and spread out your loops to slide into their own little planes and separate each other. Makes it nice full and loopy!
  • Taking another cable tie run it in the back so you can use this cable tie to attach the bow to your door hanger. You will also want to cut a little piece of ribbon and fold up to cover your cable ties that are holding your bow together.

This was such an easy fun and simple craft to make. Using just a few craft picks, ribbon, and minimal tools in little to no time you have a new Candy Cane Door Hanger or Tree Topper


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