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Classic Mixed Pumpkin Wreath for Fall Decor

July 3, 2020 | Wreath Tutorials

Fall grapevine wreath in progress

Looking for a way to use your creativity to create a festive fall wreath? This is one for you! No set plans needed just a few supplies to gather up and your creative hands is all you will need to create the perfect classic mixed pumpkin wreath for fall!

grapevine wreath with pumpkins and twigs

Classic Mixed Pumpkin Wreath For Fall Decor

Tools Needed Needed to make a Classic Mixed Pumpkin Wreath

Supplies Needed to make a Classic Mixed Pumpkin Wreath

How to Make a Classic Fall Pumpkin Wreath

First of all, you want to take a look at your wreath shape.  Sometimes they are just totally wonky.  If you have a side that looks wack, design on that side to hide it. 

Once adjusted to your liking, find the center of the top. Send 18 inch gauge wire through the top to create an arch.  Secure arch by wrapping each end of the wire around parts of the wreath.  With wire cutters, trim off any ends sticking out.  This can be used to hang the wreath.

You are now ready to attach all your lovely items to the wreath. 

1. Take a look at the shape of your wreath. Sometimes wreaths have a wonky shape. If this is the case with the wreath you have you will want to design on the side of the wreath that is a little oddly shaped.
2. Now find the center of your wreath and thread an 18 inch gauge wire through the top to create an arch. Secure the arch by wrapping each end of the wire around parts of the wreath. Trim any extra wire with wire cutters
3. Start with the largest pumpkin. Place it at the bottom center of your wreath.  Dip the pointy end of a skewer in hot glue. Using leverage and pressure, send the skewer under and through the wreath securing it through the pumpkin at an angle. Repeat with another skewer coming in at a different angle.
4. Find a place for your largest gourd.  Repeat the process with skewers to secure gourd in place.
5. Fill in one side of your wreath with remaining smaller pumpkins and gourds securing the same way with hot glue and skewers. 
Trim all skewer stems sticking out of the wreath.  A regular small pruner works best.  Now you are ready to add fillers. 

How to Add Fillers to Your Pumpkin Wreath

1. Start by cutting fillers apart from the stem in bunches.  Place one bunch of the golden pod bush at the top of the wreath.  Work your way down adding filler behind your pumpkin and gourds.
2. Dip your fillers into hot glue to secure to the wreath.
3. Repeat by placing remaining fillers around your wreath wherever you desire.   Remember there is no right or wrong to where you place your filler pieces. Have fun and be creative!

Take a final look and add any more pumpkins, gourds, or fillers to complete your masterpiece.  Take pride in your creation and find the perfect spot to hang it!

photo progression of a grapevine wreath being decorated with twigs and gourds


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