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Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath

June 18, 2024 | Wreaths, Year-Round Designs

Create a stunning Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath! Featuring a chunky base, blue and purple florals, and wispy greenery, this wreath is perfect for any space.

Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath

This stunning Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath features a chunky vine base adorned with vibrant blue and purple florals and complemented by delicate, wispy greenery. It’s the perfect way to bring a touch of nature and color to any room.

Creating your own Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath is a fun and rewarding way to personalize your home decor. The combination of the robust vine base and the soft, colorful florals creates a balanced and eye-catching display. Plus, this project is easy to put together, making it ideal for both seasoned crafters and those new to the art of wreath-making.

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Ready to get started? We’ll guide you through each step to ensure your Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath turns out beautifully. With just a few materials and a bit of creativity, you’ll have a stunning wreath that adds a touch of sophistication and beauty to any space. Let’s dive in and create something wonderful together!


  • Start by cutting your Mixed Eucalyptus Berry bushes down to about a 2” stem. Add these to your wreath base, one facing up and one facing down. Leave a gap between the bushes for your “bow zone”. 
  • Break down your Lavender Stem by ripping it apart. There will be 3 pieces. Add these to your wreath as well, two facing down in front of your Mixed Eucalyptus Berry bush, and one facing up in front of the other Mixed Eucalyptus Berry bush. 
  • Break down your Blue Rose Hydrangea Bushes into separate florals with 4” stems each. I like to push my leaves up on the stems a little too, before I cut them. 
  • Cluster your florals into little bundles. I did two hydrangeas and one rose for my bundles. Add these to your wreath. I added 2 bundles above the bow zone and 1 below. 
  • Cut your Rosemary down into individual stems. I added mine above and below the bow zone to fill it in a little more. 
  • Add your bow to your bow zone. I have a video about the bow I made. Check it out here! 
  • Take a step back and fill in any empty spaces in your wreath. I added another bundle of Blue Rose Hydrangea stems just above and just below the bow because there was an empty space in both of those places. 
  • I also added another Lavender stem and Rosemary stem above and below the bow to fill those areas out. 
  • Fluff your bow and your wreath is complete! 


  • Change out the colors or elements to make the wreath your own. Add two bows, or add another focal element. Use different greenery and florals. You could even use Christmas or Halloween elements to make it a totally different look! The best part of this wreath is that it’s so easily customizable! 
  • I love my glue skillet. I just melt hot glue sticks in a regular kitchen skillet, which allows me to just easily dip my stems into the glue rather than trying to get my glue where I need it with a glue gun. 
  • I added glue to some of my stems as I placed them into my wreath, but you can absolutely do a dry run. Just stick your stems into your wreath and you’re able to move them around until you’re happy with their placement. 

Where can I find Blue Rose Hydrangea Bush florals for crafting?

For beautiful Blue Rose Hydrangea Bush florals for your crafting projects, visit keleas.com! We offer a fantastic selection of high-quality, realistic florals perfect for any DIY arrangement. Keleas.com makes it easy to find everything you need with an intuitive website and excellent customer service. Plus, our fast shipping ensures you’ll have your supplies in no time. Head over to keleas.com today to find the perfect Blue Rose Hydrangea Bush florals for your next crafting project!

What are some creative ways to display my Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath?

There are many creative ways to display your Chunky Vine and Roses Wreath! Hang it on your front door to greet guests with elegance and charm. Place it above your mantel as a stunning focal point in your living room. It also looks beautiful on an interior wall, adding a pop of color and nature to your decor. For an outdoor option, hang it on a garden gate or patio wall to bring a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. Experiment with different spots to find the perfect display for your gorgeous wreath!

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