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Christmas Farmhouse Sled Door Hanger

December 2, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials

This Christmas Farmhouse Sled Door Hanger is a fabulous Christmas door hanger to add a little fun Christmas spirit to your home. With Santa’s reindeer leading the way this sled makes for the perfect door hanger this Christmas season.

sled door hanger with berries

Easy Farmhouse Style Sled Door Hanger

You could create an entirely different design for this sled door hanger using different types of ribbon patterns, sprays, or picks. Just follow the instructions below to guide you through the process.

Supplies needed:

The door hanger kit has since sold out, but here’s a quick list that you can use to create your own farmhouse style sled door hanger.

Tools Needed:

Christmas Farmhouse Sled Door Hanger

This sled is flat on the back which makes it great to hang on your door. Start by cutting off what comes on the sled because we are going to make this sled our own. Be sure to remove the staples that are left behind, so they do not cut you. Whatever you remove from your sled be sure you save it. You can totally use it on another design.

Grab your grape berry spray.

Make your grape berry spray into a transition point. This is where the design changes directions. With the pinecone above at the top.

Now since this sled is carrying Santa, we are going to add Santa’s reindeer. I don’t want the reindeer to be upside down so I am going to cut one of the reindeer off to be a single stem.

Now that you have two together on the stem trim the stem pick down. Now place it over the grape berry spray and pull some of that greenery through the middle.

Make sure you are spreading the reindeer apart and you are mingling it with the greenery.

Now bring in your other reindeer. Make sure he isn’t upside. Flip him around and pop the reindeer down in the bottom and slide the berries around so he looks placed correctly and not randomly placed!

Now cable tie the berry and the reindeer picks together. Then take another cable tie and zip tie that greenery and reindeer arrangement to the wooden sled. Now it is time to make your bow.

Start by trimming your ribbon at the angle you would like it.

I want the ribbon tail to be the length of the sled.

 Then we are going to pull another side of the ribbon and twist. Holding the center with my fingers.

Pleat the center a little and twist.

Then repeat on the other side the same length.

Bringing your tail down cut them at opposite angles. You can cut them however you wish to have them. There is no right or wrong way.

You are going to do the same thing again but with a shorter tail and angel it the same way.

Holding everything tight use a cable tie to secure the center of the bow. Do not pull all the way tight. Fluff out your bow once you have it secured. Now sliding another zip tie into the back that you will use to secure to the sled. Once that it is in place you can pull the bow cable tie nice and tight.

Now secure your bow to your sled right to the center of your sled. It will be right in the middle of your top and bottom grape greenery spray.  Bring your bottom reindeer a nice snug and pull it to be placed on top of that bow you just attached.

collage of sled door hangers

Look at that you have your reindeer ready to take off on the sled to make a very Merry Christmas!


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