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Bright Summer Wreath

May 24, 2022 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Spring, Summer, Wreath Tutorials

Summertime is the ideal time to add a fun and festive floral wreath to your front door! This bright summer wreath can be made with any variation of summer flowers like daisies, sunflowers, or zinnias.

It’s easy to make, adding a pop of color to your porch or patio. Try making one yourself this summer!

Bright Summer Floral Wreath

I got my inspiration and vision for this beautiful bright summertime wreath from the bow I had made previously. With some lovely bright floral pieces, the perfect greenery bush, and a fancy glue pot I was able to make this wreath in very little time.

Guys, these floral bushes you will work with are what really make this wreath pop. As you tear your florals apart you will be able to see which colors need to be paired together. You really can’t go wrong with any color combination but being able to mix and match and cluster them really helps you see how they will look once placed.

A tip with this wreath is that if you do it on one side you must do the same on the other side. That is what makes this wreath assembling so simple. If you want to learn more about wreath making be sure to check out my design school. This is where I teach more details about making wreaths.

floral wreath for summer

Also, you will find that when you work with great quality florals and ribbons it really makes creating these types of wreaths something you will fall in love with. It is important you use high-quality florals when wanting a wreath that looks AMAZING as this one!

You can make this wreath too. Wreaths like this would be such a great product to make and sell in your shops or at a craft show. You can make several of these with different color options by following this step by step tutorial. Go ahead give it a try I know you can!


  • Separate your greenery bush, and start working your greenery on the outside of your wreath making a perimeter.
  • Next place your filler flowers. Take and tear them off into separate pieces. Gather some colors you love together, dip them in your glue pot, and place them into a wreath.
  • What you do to one side you must do to the other side. Making this wreath symmetrical. As you fill out your design you will see it coming together.
  • Add premade bow using the zip tie and weave through the wreath.
  • Work your greenery through your ribbon tails. Then curl your tails up.
  • Now add in more florals to come out the sides of your bow.
  • Finish out your outermost edge of the wreath by adding in some final pieces of greenery. Cut them a little shorter but keep them cluster and go in right above the bow.

How to Cover Hot Glue Strings?

You may be wondering how to hide all those hot glue strings. It is actually super simple. Buy some Spanish moss to put on top of the glue you just placed. This will help hide any hot glue strings you may have left behind.

I bet you weren’t expecting something as simple as Spanish moss to solve the problem of hot glue strings! Give it a try I promise it works well.

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