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We’re taking our inspiration with this rusted wheel and creating a farmhouse bike wheel wreath. We wanted this to feel very classic.

In this design we’re using white daisies, traditional greenery, gypso, and a light berry. And of course, we’re going to go with a buffalo check pattern for our ribbon. We are going to use the floral foam as our base in this particular design.

Bike Wheel Wreath

What You’ll Need to Make a Farmhouse Bike Wheel Wreath

Check out all the supplies you’ll need to create this fun wheel wreath with a farmhouse touch.


  • Glue pot
  • Glue pods
  • wire cutter
rusted bike wheel


How to Make a Farmhouse Bike Wheel Wreath

Use a piece of foam that happens to fit pretty close between all these spokes, embedding it in between the spokes.

Dip your floral pins into your glue pot and insert them into the foam, securing the foam to the spokes.

Create your design at a slight angle.

Let’s start with a bow first, you want to use the bow to kind of cover up a lot of our foam. Make a nice three loop bow with a beautiful tail. Take a cable tie and cinch it really tight, right at the center.

Use a floral pin dipped in glue, to secure the bow to the foam. Press that right in the center.

Curl the ends of your ribbons tails.

Add the longer stemmed greenery first and we’re going to use that to create the back base. Just dip the bottom of the stems into your glue pot and insert into the foam base.

Now take the shorter greenery stems, and insert them by the bow.

Now let’s get our main flowers, the daisies. Push the greenery up, so that all the layers are up around the daisy bloom. Trim about 4 inches of the bottom of the stems. This still give you multi-length stems, to create height and depth on your final design.

Now we’re going to take one long stem and one short stem and we’re going to place that into the same level where we put the greenery.

Bend the daisy blooms facing forward a bit, because you’ll want to see them from the front of your final design.

Continue to do this with the rest of your daisy stems. Work your way inward toward the bow itself.

Next trim the individual stems of the gypso. Use these to start filling out the design and cover the foam and center of the bow.

Just keep building guys and adding layer by layer to get what you want, then bend the blooms forward.

You can add another ribbon tail to balance your design if you want. In the video tutorial, I added a 16″ tail, securing with a floral pin.

Double check the sides of the foam to make sure it’s totally covered. You can use your leftover stems to cover it up and create beautiful textured layers.


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