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Bee Wreath

March 17, 2021 | Spring, Wreath Tutorials, Wreaths

This bee wreath is oh so fun to make and super cute. All those who come to visit will for sure love this bee wreath hanging on your front door. They will feel welcomed as they buzz by the bright yellows from the ribbon and the yellow mixed filler pieces as they pass by and enter your home.

Just grab the supply kit and you can craft along with me as we make this super simple wreath.

Yellow and White polka dot and bee bows, yellow florals and greenery, with mini bee attachments

Supplies Needed to Make Bee Wreath

Steps to make Bee Wreath

Make hanger

  1. Measure 20 inches of ribbon and loop around to meet on the other end. Cut ribbon off spool
  2. Put loop around wreath and then place hot glue at the end of ribbon.
  3. Now place the other side of the ribbon face down to make a seam.
  4. Move seam to back of the wreath and make sure it is center.
  5. Place in 3 floral pins at an angle to secure hanger in place.
  6. Cut a little square piece of ribbon to glue on the on top of ribbon piece that has the floral pins. This will keep the hanger from scratching the door where it hangs

Make your bow

  1. Using your bow maker and measure out 20 inch tail and bring it to the center and twist it. Then trim tail at an angle
  2. Make a loop at 7 inches and twist and repeat on other side and twist.
  3. Make another 7 inch loop, twist, and repeat on the other side then twist.
  4. Pull tail down and cut opposite angle.
  5. Add in yellow ribbon making tail a couple inches shorter.
  6. Twist at the center and make loops at 6 inches.
  7. Make just one loop on each side and scrunch.
  8. Pull down tail and cut
  9. Bringing back in bottom ribbon color. Make tail about 2 inches shorter.
  10. Make loops 5 inches on both sides
  11. Pull tail down and cut at opposite angles.
  12. Secure with a cable tie in the middle and gently pull it up
  13. Fluff loops before really tightening it. Don’t forget to bring your tails down and continue to fluff.
  14. Place an 8-inch cable tie in the back of the bow through the already placed zip tie and pull tight
  15. Using a 12-inch stripe of yellow ribbon. Fold in half and use piece of ribbon to cover mechanics of the zip tie.

Attach Bow to Hanger

  1. About two inches from the top of the hanger scrunch it up and give it a hard twist. Place a cable tie around the scrunch part and this helps keep that loop from twisting. Cut off excess of cable tie
  2. Place bow to hanger by attaching with the zip tie you attached to the back.
  3. Now that the bow is placed roll up your shorter tails and just let longer tails just naturally fall

Add greenery

  1. Start by separating your yellow mixed filler stem  by pulling apart but keep them in clusters
  2. With your first cluster go ahead and shake hands with each piece which means fluff them out.
  3. Lay out your design and make sure your weight is centered.
  4. Place 3 with two pointing up and one pointing down
  5. Trim your and separate your green grass piece. You can take scissors and curl the ends like you would a ribbon for a balloon. Add a little glue and attach to your yellow mixed filler and use a floral pin and dip in your glue pot and press it into the foam at an angle. This will attach your already laid design to your wreath form.
  6. You will repeat this for all the clusters you placed

Make Hand Bow

  1. Make a 12-inch tail and twist in hand
  2. Make 6 inch loops, scrunch, twist, and make another loop
  3. Scrunch in hand and make sure everything looks even and pull down the tail
  4. Trim them off straight
  5. Make a shorter tail with a second ribbon
  6. And repeat the above steps but make the loops just a bit shorter
  7. Cable tie through the center to secure bow. Do not secure all the way tight add floral pin first.
  8. Once the floral pin is attached to the back pull cable tie tight
  9. Cut a piece of ribbon to cover up the mechanics of the bow
  10. Attach hand bow to the bottom by pushing in floral pin and trim tails

Add Bees

  1. Dip pick into glue and push in and place all around hand bow. You want it to look like those bees are buzzing around the bow!

Pin this bee wreath below to find the instructions later!

yellow and white polka dot ribbon, bee ribbon, green wreath base, yellow florals, bee attachments

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Bee Wreath

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