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Artificial Succulents for DIY Fairy Gardens

January 13, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Spring

Kids and adults alike can get super crafty with DIY fairy gardens using artificial succulents that lasts all year long. Fairy gardens are whimsical, fun, and the perfect way to spread a little creativity to the outdoors.

If you’ve ever searched DIY fairy gardens on the Pinterest, you might be surprised to see how extravagant some of these designs can be. From miniature benches to toadstool homes, they are absolutely adorable. We’re featuring 13 artificial succulents that will make any fairy happy!

artificial succulents

Artificial Succulents for DIY Fairy Gardens

First, we can forget the cornerstone toadstool. After all, where else will our fairy friends stop to relax in the shade?

How to Make a DIY Fairy Garden

If you want a smaller fairy garden that is more contained, you can use an old teacup, terra cotta pot, or a small pail. Check out this teacup fairy garden by A Cultivated Nest!

Some layouts are more extravagant, building tiered landings for that next level fairy. This design is from Natalie Linda and it features multiple level of different types of succulents.

Now, let’s check out all the artificial succulents to decorate your own fairy garden! Create texture and depth in your design by using succulents at different heights and shapes.

Pops of color just adds much more wonder to the final design. As you can see from the artificial succulents below, you can create an oasis of deep reds, greens, and yellows.

moss covered faux rocks

Creating Pathways for a DIY Fairy Garden

Use Spanish moss to extend your fairy pathways and play areas. You can also line the paths with moss covered faux rocks.

You can also use small river rocks to create steps, which will really make all those succulents pop.

Need Some Inspiration?

Sometimes we need a little inspiration or just prefer to buy them already done? I’ve got your back, friend. I found a few on Etsy that I think you’ll love.

Artificial Succulents for Fairy Gardens


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