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14 Decorative Christmas Stems You’ll Love for Festive Floral Designs

September 30, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor

If you are wondering what options are out there for stems that can be used in some upcoming festive floral designs you are planning then check out these 14 decorative Christmas stems that you’ll love for festive floral designs.

Get creative! We’ve done a few tutorials that go beyond wreaths like this simple and rustic DIY winter boot centerpiece.

collage of christmas floral stems with pines red and green drums and christmas light bulbs

14 Decorative Christmas Stems You’ll Love for Festive Floral Designs

Just to give you a few ideas to use these Christmas stems:

  • lantern swags
  • centerpieces
  • door hangers
  • wreaths
  • garlands
  • regular swags

10 Greenery Stems Perfect for Christmas Decor

These Snow Covered Cedar Stem perfect for adding to Christmas Floral arrangements. These are easy to use when making a Christmas wreath.

This greenery stem is a Christmas Snow Pine Stem that is 24″ long. You can use this in any Christmas floral design when wanting to add some greenery.

This Vermont pine Stem is 21″ long.  It is a great item for add evergreen to those wonderful Christmas Arrangements.

This Frosted Northern Cedar Bush is 20″ long. This is a great bush to accent your Christmas and Winter arrangements you are planning to create.

I love this floral stem because it has the most realistic pine cone pieces that really pop when using them in a floral design. These Anchorage Christmas pine stems are 20″ long.

When making a winter floral arrangement this snowy stem with white berries will be a great addition to any Christmas wreath when adding a snowy look. These Christmas Snow Berry Stems are 36″ long.

Oh my goodness you will love designing with this floral stem. This frosted pine berry stem is a great Christmas stem that consist of a wood tree ornament, frosted red berries, frosted pine needles, and a frosted pine cone. These are 14″ long.

This Christmas Tinsel Tree Stem has branches with tinsel shaped into trees with red balls on them. Each stem is 30″ long and is a great evergreen stem that comes with a pop or red on them.

Looking for a great accent piece for your Christmas or winter arrangements then this is the stem for you. The blue wonder pine stem is 16″ long.

Even though this frosted rose leaf stem is not an actual Christmas themed stem it has leaves that are green with white on the tips which can be added when needing a few different greenery options.

Decorative Stems

This Christmas Toy Drums Stem is 29″ long and comes with 3 drums on them. The drums are red and green glittery. These drums really dazzle.

This Red Silver Blue Tinsel Christmas Light Bulbs Stem is 24″ long. IT will be a great addition to a wreath you are making and looking for the perfect stems to add some bright colors.

These Christmas Glittered Candy Box, Cylinder and Ball Stems are  38″ long. This stem comes with one ball stem, one cylinder stem, and one box stem.

This Red and White Elf Legs Stem is 28″ long. These would be the perfect stem to use in arrangements or put into your Christmas Tree.

Christmas Decor Ideas:


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